Upcoming Cycling Events in West Yorkshire

Upcoming Cycling Events in West Yorkshire

Yorkshire is big on cycling events and provides some of the largest numbers of cycling clubs joining in to take part in the races and challenges. Some of the most vibrant events take place in West Yorkshire.

This article gives an overview of some of the most anticipated cycling events happening throughout West Yorkshire.

Way of the Roses

Way of the Roses is a 2-day event which starts on Sat 23rd July 2022. It’s a large route consisting of 170miles. This challenging event is more focused on experienced cyclists who are looking for their next big challenge. Like most cycling events in West Yorkshire, this event boasts stunning views and friendly company. The event starts in Knottingley, West Yorkshire.

Tickets for the Way of the Roses Event start at £250 and provide road routes and beautiful scenery.

Way of the Roses in a Day

The Way of The Roses in a Day follows one week after the 2-day Way of the Roses event. The event takes place on the 30th of July 2022 and starts at the Premier Inn/ Brewers Fayre in West Yorkshire.

One of the original Coast to Coast routes, this event is for the more experienced cyclists. The event demands the cyclists to ride at least 14mph. Safety and support are of major importance at the event with 2 vehicles leading the ride.

Beyond Yorkshire Sportive

The Beyond Yorkshire Sportive will take place on the 10th of September 2022. This event takes place in Wetherby in West Yorkshire and has a focus on both beginner and advanced cyclists. The race aims to provide a variety of routes with breath-taking scenery and paths. This is a great event to explore Yorkshire and the hills.

Beyond Yorkshire Sportive has a medium length 50-100 km route and a long 100-200 km route.

These events are dedicated to being great adventures for all cyclists and are taking place in West Yorkshire.

Safety Equipment Needed for Cycling Events

Safety Equipment Needed for Cycling Events

Simply wearing a helmet is not enough to take the necessary safety precautions when going cycling. Although cycling is seen as a relatively safe activity, safety equipment should always be invested in when taking up cycling. When starting with more affordable safety equipment, it’s important to upgrade as you take on more difficult or dangerous routes.

This article provides vital information on some of the most important safety equipment needed for cycling. By joining a cycling club the members can advise on which equipment to go for.


Gloves provide a variety of benefits. When you fall you will immediately reach out to break the fall, the gloves will then protect against the impact to the ground. Gloves also help for a more comfortable ride when the gloves have added padding inside.

Protective Glasses

Protective glasses provide more than just a comfortable ride. When going out in the countryside or more adventurous paths, the wind can blow debris, stones, or dust into the eyes causing injury or just an uncomfortable ride. Protective glasses are essential for both safety and comfort.


A helmet is the first obvious piece of safety equipment someone would think about and serves as an important safety measure. Being a cyclist means you will probably have a fall or bump sooner or later. When this happens, your head needs to be protected.


Mirrors are not seen as essential items by all cyclists but are still an important part of getting the most out of safety precautions. Cycling accidents do happen and mirrors can assist in being able to see what is happening behind you.

Reflectors and Lights

Reflector lights can help traffic behind you to notice that there is a cyclist. One of the biggest causes of cycling accidents are motorists not being able to see them. By investing in this affordable safety equipment, motorists can be aware of you.