Cycling-Themed Online Casino Games

Cycling-Themed Online Casino Games

Most hobbies and sports have been incorporated into online gambling with either betting or online slot games. Cycling is one of the latest sports getting involved in online gambling. Slot games are a popular way for gamers to play slots with themes they are familiar with. Themes of cycling can now be found in a variety of slot games online.

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Here we look at some of the latest cycling-themed online slot games available in the UK.

Bike Mania

Bike Mania is one of the more popular online slot games in the UK with a cycling theme. The theme is set on a tar road with a group of cyclists out on a trip. The game has a bonus round in which the player can spin and win. The slot has 3 lines and 5 reels.

Power Pedal

Power Pedal is a video slot game with colourful graphics and symbols of cycling trophies, timers, bikes, and more cycling equipment. The slot has 5 reels and 15 paylines. A special feature of the game is the wild symbol which is an image of a gold trophy. The game was developed by Microgaming in 2009.

Olympics Casino Game

Olympics Casino game was developed by iSOFT. This slot game is not only about cycling but all the sports that are part of The Olympics. The background has an image of the Olympics stadium and symbols related to most of the sports in the Olympics. There are 5 reels and minimal music in the background. If you love cycling as much as other sports, this game is perfect.

Playing online slot games with themes of cycling is a fun way to win prizes.

Popular Cycling Routes in West Yorkshire

Popular Cycling Routes in West Yorkshire

West Yorkshire is truly one of the best destinations to explore in the UK when cycling. West Yorkshire provides many great paths and routes to see wildlife, mountains, scenery, and city life. Some routes will have more traffic and some no traffic but only natural scenery to enjoy on the trip

Here we look at some of the most adventure filled routes in West Yorkshire.

Barnsley to Old Moor RSPB Reserve

This is one of the best routes for enjoying wildlife in West Yorkshire. It is a short route of 6.5 miles. The route starts at the Barnsley Train Station and leads to a path with no traffic to the Old Moore RSPB Reserve. When passing the reserve, cyclists can enjoy some of the most astonishing views of wildlife and birds. This is a popular route for cyclists looking for a variety of paths in one route.

Penistone to Dunford Bridge


This is another popular route when wanting to escape the city and have no traffic in the way. This countryside route starts at the busy market town of Penistone and ends in the rolling moors of the Peak District at Dunford Bridge. The old Great Central Railway serves as the main route through the countryside. Views of the valley and wildflowers make this ride peaceful.

Bradford Red Bridge Route

This is a great route for adventurers. Although not a very long route (4 miles), it’s great for exploring Bradford. The route starts in Bowling Park and leads over the iconic Red Bridge. On route, you will pass the Bowling Hall Road and visit the Boiling Hall Museum. This is a fun activity for exploring the heritage of Bradford.

These routes all provide different scenic views and difficulty levels. All can be done by beginner or inexperienced cyclists.

Safety Equipment Needed for Cycling Events

Safety Equipment Needed for Cycling Events

Simply wearing a helmet is not enough to take the necessary safety precautions when going cycling. Although cycling is seen as a relatively safe activity, safety equipment should always be invested in when taking up cycling. When starting with more affordable safety equipment, it’s important to upgrade as you take on more difficult or dangerous routes.

This article provides vital information on some of the most important safety equipment needed for cycling. By joining a cycling club the members can advise on which equipment to go for.


Gloves provide a variety of benefits. When you fall you will immediately reach out to break the fall, the gloves will then protect against the impact to the ground. Gloves also help for a more comfortable ride when the gloves have added padding inside.

Protective Glasses

Protective glasses provide more than just a comfortable ride. When going out in the countryside or more adventurous paths, the wind can blow debris, stones, or dust into the eyes causing injury or just an uncomfortable ride. Protective glasses are essential for both safety and comfort.


A helmet is the first obvious piece of safety equipment someone would think about and serves as an important safety measure. Being a cyclist means you will probably have a fall or bump sooner or later. When this happens, your head needs to be protected.


Mirrors are not seen as essential items by all cyclists but are still an important part of getting the most out of safety precautions. Cycling accidents do happen and mirrors can assist in being able to see what is happening behind you.

Reflectors and Lights

Reflector lights can help traffic behind you to notice that there is a cyclist. One of the biggest causes of cycling accidents are motorists not being able to see them. By investing in this affordable safety equipment, motorists can be aware of you.

The Benefits of Joining Cycling Clubs

The Benefits of Joining Cycling Clubs

Cycling on your own can be a great way to get out while getting fit, but joining a cycling club provides the chance of meeting new people with similar interests. It also provides new knowledge on routes to cycle alone and information on upcoming events. Here we look at more of the benefits involved with joining a cycling club.

It Builds Knowledge

There are many factors in cycling that can determine how much enjoyment you will get out of it. Some cyclists may not be using gears correctly or the bike may be set up the wrong way for the specific riding style. By joining a club, you can get advice on how to get the most out of any cycling experience whether just for fun or doing events and routes.

Meeting Other Cyclists

By joining a cycling club, you will meet people with a similar interest in cycling. This provides friends and conversations. By meeting new people, you can also meet outside of the club when not wanting to cycle in a full group but just as 2 or 3 cyclists for comradery.

Provides More Opportunities

Most cyclists use the same routes when going out cycling. By joining a club, you can learn more about events and routes to join in on. Finding new routes provides the chance of having more fun and seeing new places. It can also help to get into events such as competitions and races.

Learn About New Routes

Most cyclists only know about a couple of routes and repeat them daily or weekly. By joining a cycling club, you can learn more about new routes and roads that you are unfamiliar with. As each member knows about a route that others don’t know about, it provides the chance of cycling the newfound routes together as a group.