Popular Cycling Routes in West Yorkshire

West Yorkshire is truly one of the best destinations to explore in the UK when cycling. West Yorkshire provides many great paths and routes to see wildlife, mountains, scenery, and city life. Some routes will have more traffic and some no traffic but only natural scenery to enjoy on the trip

Here we look at some of the most adventure filled routes in West Yorkshire.

Barnsley to Old Moor RSPB Reserve

This is one of the best routes for enjoying wildlife in West Yorkshire. It is a short route of 6.5 miles. The route starts at the Barnsley Train Station and leads to a path with no traffic to the Old Moore RSPB Reserve. When passing the reserve, cyclists can enjoy some of the most astonishing views of wildlife and birds. This is a popular route for cyclists looking for a variety of paths in one route.

Penistone to Dunford Bridge


This is another popular route when wanting to escape the city and have no traffic in the way. This countryside route starts at the busy market town of Penistone and ends in the rolling moors of the Peak District at Dunford Bridge. The old Great Central Railway serves as the main route through the countryside. Views of the valley and wildflowers make this ride peaceful.

Bradford Red Bridge Route

This is a great route for adventurers. Although not a very long route (4 miles), it’s great for exploring Bradford. The route starts in Bowling Park and leads over the iconic Red Bridge. On route, you will pass the Bowling Hall Road and visit the Boiling Hall Museum. This is a fun activity for exploring the heritage of Bradford.

These routes all provide different scenic views and difficulty levels. All can be done by beginner or inexperienced cyclists.